Front and rear suspension

31 Dec

Whilst completing the chassis, we’ve also been busy working on the detailed design of the front and rear suspension.
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Pre-painting preparations

31 Dec

With chassis fabrication complete, we spent a couple of hours yesterday sanding off any high spots and filling any low spots to make the body smooth and tactile, ready for painting. We’re also experimenting with sections of automotive carpet for the vehicle floor areas.
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Rear seat and luggage tray

26 Oct

The rear seat and luggage tray are now affixed to the taxi. After we’ve finished glassing the final edges and affixing the front seat, the chassis fabrication will essentially be complete.
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They call him “The Stippler”

16 Oct

With the chassis construction almost complete, stippling work nearly is nearly at an end.

Using his farming ingenuity, John has come up with a neat solution to make stippling much quicker and easier in future:


17 Sep

Applying Kevlar and fibreglass involves a lot of “stippling” with paint brushes: forcing epoxy resin through the woven material and then through peel ply.


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Applying Kevlar

15 Sep

Parts of the vehicle which require particular strength or impact resistance will be fitted with Kevlar.

Yesterday we applied Kevlar to most of the underside of the floor.



More glassing

6 Sep

Today we affixed the front bonnet panel and the front panel of the central tunnel, and fibreglassed the joints of the front seat assembly. Next we’ll apply Kevlar to the underside of the chassis.




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