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Dr Julia Musariri discusses the need for the African Solar Taxi

26 Feb

New technologies leapfrogging old ones

26 Feb

The African Solar Taxi project provides a perfect demonstration of the way that new technologies can leapfrog old ones, and can provide benefits which the old technologies have failed to provide. Continue reading

Driving on dirt

25 Feb

Yesterday afternoon, a group of us took Trev out to a dirt track and measured the energy required to drive on dirt. Trev with one person in it has a mass of about 400 kg, which is about the target mass of our African Solar Taxi with three people in it.

IMG_0857    IMG_0859    IMG_0843    IMG_0838

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Design Workshop

15 Feb

On Wednesday evening, 9 members of our technical design team came together to hear about Andrew’s trip to Zimbabwe, to learn more about the technical & operational requirements, and in particular to view videos and photos of the roads.

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Off we go …

12 Feb

After over a year of discussions between Team Trev and CESVI, the African Solar Taxi project is underway.

Team Trev member Andrew visited Zimbabwe for a week from 3-10 February 2013, to consult with key stakeholders and to experience first-hand the condition of the roads and the distances between villages, health clinics and hospitals.

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