Bewdy, the Buck is Built

9 May

Last night we had a good long design session at St Patrick’s Technical College.

The St Patrick’s students have done a fine job building the seating buck (the full scale mockup of the seating layout). It enabled us to hone in on improvements to the body’s shape, size and layout. We made various changes to the seat heights and locations, and were able to better visualise the suspension mounting points, the steering and the centre of mass.

Another key change we made was to shift the battery from the front of the vehicle, either side of the driver’s feet, to under the driver’s seat. This was necessary because of the extra space required to mount the front suspension. To counteract the rearwards shift in the centre of mass, we have shifted the driver and passenger seats forwards slightly.

Such is the benefit of a seating buck. Visualising and tweaking, cheaply and easily.

We are still actively researching batteries and motors, and we will return to St Patrick’s in two weeks to view the updated seating buck, incorporating the changes we agreed on last night.

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