Midwives know best

19 Jul

This week, members of Team Trev met with staff from the University of South Australia’s School of Nursing and Midwifery to discuss the African Solar Taxi project, and in particular to get their input into the design of our vehicle.

Overall, we were reassured to learn that the midwives agreed with some of our key design decisions:

  • to design the vehicle for non-emergency use, and to aim for the vehicle to convey pregnant women to health facilities ahead of their expected due dates
  • to have relatively upright seating positions, with the ability for passengers to lean forwards with the assistance of handrails on the back of the driver’s seat and beside the two rear seats
  • to have easy ingress and egress past the driver’s seat, to and from the rear seats

They gave good advice about the importance of using non-permeable seating surfaces which can be easily cleaned, to ensure hygienic conditions for all passengers. They also raised issues with the use of seatbelts on heavily pregnant women – something we will need to investigate further. And they conveyed the fact that better transport services are required for pregnant women in many parts of the world, to help reduce maternal mortality and morbidity.

We intend to consult with the midwives again and to have pregnant midwifery students visit the seating buck, to verify that our design will meet the needs of pregnant women.

One Response to “Midwives know best”

  1. Andrea July 19, 2013 at 4:24 pm #

    thank you midwives ! great inputs!
    greatings from zimbabwe

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