Making good progress

5 Aug

We are making good progress at the moment on a number of fronts, and we’re starting to order the components which have been finalised in our initial design. We hope to start building our first working prototype in coming weeks.

Here is a peek at the current design, including a concept we’re considering for a windscreen and roof structure consisting of a large single sheet of acrylic.


In this roof concept, the front section of the acrylic sheet would function as the windscreen, and the roof section over the passengers could be affixed with a large printed vinyl sticker on the top of the acrylic, to provide protection from the sun. We’ll need to mock up the roof panel on the  seating buck to get the dimensions and the supports right.

This roof concept provides a very simple and lightweight windscreen/roof solution yet should provide passengers with good visibility and protection from dust, sun, wind and rain. The vinyl sticker might even be able to have custom artwork on it, to give the vehicles some character.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. What sort of roof artwork might be appropriate?

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