Front and rear suspension

31 Dec

Whilst completing the chassis, we’ve also been busy working on the detailed design of the front and rear suspension.

The front suspension uses grouped components from an all terrain vehicle (and is therefore mostly resolved) but we’ve had to select shock absorbers with the correct length, travel, lift and end fittings. This has been a surprisingly involved process, given the difficulty of finding this information online.

The rear suspension will be an assembly consisting of custom swing arm, shock absorber and brackets. We’re still experimenting with two different swing arm options: a box frame and a tubular frame. It’s a trade-off between strength, weight and ease of construction.

We’ve made a tubular frame test joint and we still need to do finite element analysis of both options to make a final design decision. We’ve selected and purchased the rear shock absorbers, which were made locally in Adelaide by Monroe.

Once we’ve resolved the swing arm designs, we can fabricate the swing arm frames and brackets, order the front shock absorbers and fit the front and rear suspension to the chassis.






One Response to “Front and rear suspension”

  1. andrea January 1, 2015 at 7:47 am #

    Thank you for the great job, great team! Greetings from Brussels and … HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

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