Archive | November, 2016

Moving again

27 Nov

It has been a long time since our last update, and work slowed considerably while we were waiting for suspension parts to be manufactured. But things are moving again now.

Recent progress includes:

  • all of the components for the front suspension and steering have been fabricated, and installed for testing
  • we have manufactured a jig for making the rear suspension swing arms, and made one of the two rear swing arms
  • we have designed the Taxi electrical systems
  • we have pulled apart the off-the-shelf motors so that we can rebuild them to mount inside the rear wheels
  • we have developed software for the dashboard, which will be based on an Android phone
  • we have got the battery management system talking to the dashboard using Bluetooth
  • we have developed software that interfaces to the Buddy web service so that we can monitor the Taxi location and battery state remotely
  • we have started designing the solar charging stations that will collect the energy necessary to run the Taxi.

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