Moving again

27 Nov

It has been a long time since our last update, and work slowed considerably while we were waiting for suspension parts to be manufactured. But things are moving again now.

Recent progress includes:

  • all of the components for the front suspension and steering have been fabricated, and installed for testing
  • we have manufactured a jig for making the rear suspension swing arms, and made one of the two rear swing arms
  • we have designed the Taxi electrical systems
  • we have pulled apart the off-the-shelf motors so that we can rebuild them to mount inside the rear wheels
  • we have developed software for the dashboard, which will be based on an Android phone
  • we have got the battery management system talking to the dashboard using Bluetooth
  • we have developed software that interfaces to the Buddy web service so that we can monitor the Taxi location and battery state remotely
  • we have started designing the solar charging stations that will collect the energy necessary to run the Taxi.

We have one more batch of laser cutting to do to make the last lot of suspension and motor components. If we can get this done before the end of the year, we can work on final assembly of the mechanical systems over summer, and then get stuck into the electrical system.


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