Visitor from Terraintegra

12 Jan

One of our drivers from our Zero Race campaign, Alexandra, recently brought a visitor from Luxembourg to view the Taxi in Adelaide.



Suzanne Arthur (pictured in the back-left seat) is the Marketing Director for Terraintegra, an organisation that promotes alternative energy production and energy conservation.

One of Terraintegra’s current projects is the Eridanos project, which is developing a electric vehicle for transporting water from wells to villages in Africa and Asia. Information about the Eridanos project is here and here.

Terraintegra’s project has similar goals to ours: to develop simple, clean electric vehicles to solve critical transportation problems.

One Response to “Visitor from Terraintegra”

  1. Axel Bosselmann January 13, 2017 at 10:17 am #

    would Terra Integra be interested in funding bamboo tricycles for close-radius haulage, as they are often used in China ( albeit not- yet- made of bamboo ) ? Axel, triclist from North Queensland formerly of Regents Park

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