Front suspension, steering and rear swing arms

3 May

The front suspension and steering are now finished.


We have also just completed welding the two rear swing arms. These are now ready for painting. 


We are now working to mount the motors to the axles and to finish mounting the rear brake calipers.

The above photographs show how the motor (black), brake disc and brake calipers will fit onto the rear swing arms.

The workshops at the University of South Australia are gradually being refurbished, so we have moved the Taxi into a different part of the workshop. We are back where we built our first solar racing car, in the late 1990s.

We have also had a couple of students working to develop the software that will run on a smartphone to monitor the location and speed of the car, calculate distance travelled, and get battery status from the battery management system via Bluetooth. This data will be sent to the Buddy cloud servers every five minutes so that we can track and monitor the Taxi remotely.

Once we have completed the mechanical systems, the next major step is to build the electrical systems.

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