Electrical progress

14 May

Work on the Taxi is still progressing. The mechanical work is mostly done. We have fitted our modified motors onto each of the rear wheels. We will mount the rear brakes once we have finished the electrical cabling to the motors. We may have to tweak the suspension and steering, but we have allowed for this.

We have spent the last few months refining the electrical system design and buying parts: fuses, connectors, a contactor for switching the main battery, and a dc-dc converter that generates 12-volt power for running lights and control systems from the 48-volt battery power.

We have mounted the battery under the front seat, near the front. There is a gap the size of two battery cells that we can fit a lot of the electrical components into. We have fabricated an aluminium plate that has the dc-dc converter, main contactor, main fuse and current sensor on one side, and the battery management system, fuses and solid-state relays on the other side. Having everything on one plate will make it easy to wire, then drop straight into position. There is a wireless connection from the battery management system to the mobile phone that will display the dash software.

We have fitted motorcycle switches to the handlebars to control the lights and indicators.

The two motor controllers and an on-board battery charger, for charging from the grid, will fit behind the battery. A separate connector will be used for high-power charging from solar charging stations.

We have all of the parts we need to do the electrical wiring, except for a battery charger and the actual wire. We will buy these next, and install the wiring.


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