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Meet our motors

26 Sep

Traditionally, a vehicle’s motor couples with its wheels through a drivetrain which includes a clutch, gearbox, drive shaft, and  differential. These components are heavy, complicated and require regular maintenance. Our solution does away with most of the complexity and weight: we will mount hub electric motors in both rear wheels. Continue reading

Bewdy, the Buck is Built

9 May

Last night we had a good long design session at St Patrick’s Technical College.

The St Patrick’s students have done a fine job building the seating buck (the full scale mockup of the seating layout). It enabled us to hone in on improvements to the body’s shape, size and layout. We made various changes to the seat heights and locations, and were able to better visualise the suspension mounting points, the steering and the centre of mass.

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Building the seating buck

26 Apr

After an initial session getting a feel for the overall dimensions of our vehicles, St Patrick’s College is about to start building a “seating buck”, which will enable us to refine the layout, dimensions and construction methods. Whilst doing so, they will draw on ergonomics data developed over many decades for conventional vehicle design.


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St Patrick, patron saint of engineers

11 Apr

At last night’s design workshop we were joined by Steve, a teacher from St Patrick’s Technical College.

St Patrick’s is a technical secondary college in northern Adelaide for Year 11 and 12 students, focusing exclusively on trade training.

A group of Year 12 students from an applied engineering class will assist us with several key activities over coming months: Continue reading