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Rear seat

5 Aug


Last night we finished fibreglassing the remaining panels and folded the rear seat.

Next we’ll fold the front seat, apply Kevlar to the floor, and trim and join more chassis panels together.

All construction photos here:


It’s a bird, it’s a plane …

29 Jul


… it’s an African Solar Taxi chassis taking shape.

Midwives know best

19 Jul

This week, members of Team Trev met with staff from the University of South Australia’s School of Nursing and Midwifery to discuss the African Solar Taxi project, and in particular to get their input into the design of our vehicle.

Overall, we were reassured to learn that the midwives agreed with some of our key design decisions: Continue reading

Avoiding the junk heap

7 May

It’s a well known fact that medical equipment donated to hospitals in developing countries often ends up on the junk heap.¬†One study conducted by the Engineering World Health group at Duke University found that up to 98% of donated medical equipment in developing countries is broken within five years.

junk heap

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Support us with your influence

5 Apr


The Internet has changed everything.

It has enabled a woman born in rural Kadoma in Zimbabwe to find and make contact with a technical group in Australia, and to enable them to work closely with an Italian NGO and a hospital in northern Zimbabwe.

It is helping us to develop electric vehicles powered simply by the sun, which will save lives in rural Zimbabwe where many people have limited access to the Internet and electricity.

The Internet empowers all of us. Social media enables us all to have an impact which is unprecedented in human history.

We all have influence. We have networks of people who listen to what we say, and each person in each network has their own influence with their own networks. With the power of social media, our influence and our impacts are amplified.

If you like what we are doing with the African Solar Taxi project, please use your influence to spread the word. This project has the potential to do amazing things, and you can be a part of it. Simply promote what we are doing by liking our Facebook page and posts, our website blog posts, retweeting us or emailing about us to your friends. Your influence will help this project become a reality.


Maternity Ward nurse describes the need for the African Solar Taxi

5 Mar

Dr Julia Musariri discusses the need for the African Solar Taxi

26 Feb

New technologies leapfrogging old ones

26 Feb

The African Solar Taxi project provides a perfect demonstration of the way that new technologies can leapfrog old ones, and can provide benefits which the old technologies have failed to provide. Continue reading

Off we go …

12 Feb

After over a year of discussions between Team Trev and CESVI, the African Solar Taxi project is underway.

Team Trev member Andrew visited Zimbabwe for a week from 3-10 February 2013, to consult with key stakeholders and to experience first-hand the condition of the roads and the distances between villages, health clinics and hospitals.

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